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Test Mentor for VisualWorks Smalltalk V7.9 is now available.
Cincom ships SilverMark's Test Mentor on Cincom Smalltalk CD.

Agile Testing for Java Developers class teaches the best testing practices, patterns, techniques, and tools.
SilverMark's Enhanced JUnit turns your JUnit tests into load tests. Distribute your JUnit tests across multiple threads, VMs and machines.
Test your Java classes and frameworks with Test Mentor - Java Edition.
See how developers and testers can collaborate.
SilverMark and WorkSoft collaborate to run Certify tests on VisualAge Smalltalk applications.
View animated demos of SilverMark products here.
Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to use these tools: JUnit, Cactus, EJBUnit, HTTPUnit, Clover, Jester, MockMaker, EasyMock, JFCUnit, Jemmy, Abbot, NoUnit, JUnit-addons, JUnitPerf, Enhanced JUnit, DBUnit, SQLUnit, FIT, FITnesse, WATT, ANT, Test Mentor, and JTest.
Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to release better code faster and with less cost and risk through Test-driven development.
Agile Testing for Java Developers Learn how to use lightweight processes such as Extreme Programming to handle change, streamline your development and write better code, faster.
Did you know a SilverMark expert can come to your site and help you design your tests?

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